About Us


About Us

     Joe is retired from a career in Ag Chem and I(Jill) stayed home and raised our 4 children.

     We first fell in love with orchards while living in Michigan. Joe worked with some of the growers there and we loved to take our kids to apple picking in the fall. After moving to North Carolina, we started a home orchard. We eventually had about 60 fruit and nut bearing trees in our yard.

     We decided several years ago that we wanted to move back to the Midwest and “retire” on an apple orchard. Last September (2016) that dream came true. We purchased what was Apple Ridge Orchard just east of Ellsworth, WI and renamed it Rush River Orchard & Bakery.

      We look forward to becoming a part of this community and getting to know the people who call this home. We also look forward to having our children, grandchildren, extended family and friends come help us have fun working and enjoying this orchard!